Bonding with History: A 70th Anniversary Narrative

What's Your Story?

Laura Orzy It has been an Honor to be Involved with
Israel Bonds

I have spent most of my life in the Diaspora, building and increasing my connection, and that of my children, with Israel, because I know how important it is to our lives as Jews, our shared culture, and the history that saw our ancestors truly yearn for Israel and suffer greatly for not having it. It has been an honor to be involved with Israel Bonds as a key part of those efforts, a way to show others how to create that bond, demonstrate tangible support and involve families and friends. Delegations are the "icing on the cake" of the Bonds experience. Spending an eye-opening week with other women, both new and veterans, observing what most don't get to see, and sharing intellectually and emotionally the intensity of the experience, is a real life-changer, creating life-long friendships. I know firsthand that we return home far wiser, with the opportunity to have an immediate, long-term impact on the next generation.