Lost Certificates

To redeem, replace or reinvest your Israel bond(s) certificate(s) that has been lost, stolen or destroyed, the bondholder should submit the following:

  • A signed letter of instruction to Computershare, Israel's fiscal agent, describing what you choose to do
  • Affidavit of Loss & Indemnity(Refer to instruction sheet for mailing address and applicable fees)
    • This form must be signed by every bondholder
    • You must complete this form in blue ink and all holders’ signatures must be notarized on the affidavit      
  • W-9 Form:
    • This form must be completed and signed by the person/entity ultimately receiving the proceeds of the redemption
    • The W-9 is required to certify a U.S. resident's taxpayer identification number (Social Security number) so that any income received by the bondholder is reported to the Internal Revenue Service
    • Without this form properly completed, the Computershare, Israel's fiscal agent is required by law to backup withhold 28% of interest and/or principal payments