DCI/Israel Bonds

Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds - a FINRA-member broker dealer that underwrites securities issued by the State of Israel in the United States - ranks among Israel’s most valued economic and strategic resources, with a record of proven success spanning nearly seven decades. Praised for its dependability, the Bonds organization has helped build every sector of Israel’s economy.

Advocating investment and pride in Israel through the sale of Israel bonds is global in scope. Worldwide sales have surpassed $43 billion since the first bonds were issued in 1951. In 2018, annual sales of Israel bonds in the United States exceeded $1 billion, the sixth consecutive year investments eclipsed the $1 billion mark.

In commenting on the 2018 sales, Finance Minister Kahlon, who earlier this year called the Bonds enterprise “Israel’s connection to the Jewish people and the global economy,” saluted the achievement, saying, “Year in and year out, Israel Bonds defines the meaning of dependability. I express my deepest appreciation to the Bonds enterprise and what it has meant to Israel. Capital provided by Israel Bonds has been a vital factor in building Israel’s strong, globally-admired economy.”

Bonds President & CEO Israel Maimon observed, “There is no doubt Israel’s 70th anniversary was a source of pride and inspiration that facilitated Israel bond investments at every level, from individuals and institutions alike.” He added, “I want to thank our devoted lay leaders and loyal staff for the dedication and teamwork that resulted in this outstanding accomplishment.”

In a statement issued April 17, 2018, Fitch* affirmed Israel’s rating at 'A+' with an outlook of 'stable,' noting, “Israel benefits from high financing flexibility, has deep and liquid local markets, good access to international capital markets, (and) an active Diaspora bond program [emphasis added] . . . ."  Israel’s economy was also acknowledged in the report as having a “robust macroeconomic performance and solid institutional strength,” and was recognized as being “diverse and advanced” due to its “well-developed institutions and education system.”

Similarly, in August 2018, Standard & Poor’s* gave Israel its highest-ever rating. The ratings agency cited steady growth and an improved fiscal outlook in its decision to upgrade the Jewish state to AA-, according to The Times of Israel (August 2018). Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the upgrade as “a reflection of the strength of the Israeli economy.” Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon similarly commented, “In the last three years, the Israeli economy has soared to the best macro data in its history. The confidence expressed in us by the strongest economic bodies in the world enables us to continue to grow the economy.”

Proceeds from the sale of Israel bonds have played a decisive role in Israel’s rapid evolution into a groundbreaking global leader in innovation and technology, and pioneer of the environmental revolution

(*Israel bonds are not rated)