Manage Holdings

Computershare acts as fiscal agent for bonds issued by the State of Israel and sold by Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds. Clients who have purchased bonds for themselves or individuals who have had bonds purchased for them are considered “bondholders.” Bonds owned by these individuals are considered “bond holdings.”

This link connects to Israel Bonds Direct (IBD), Computershare’s site for managing Israel bond holdings. You can register on IBD by using your Social Security information or assigned Computershare account number, and your last name or ZIP code. Once registered, you can view holdings, change your bondholder account address, certify tax ID numbers and more by using IBD. For any questions regarding IBD, contact Computershare at 866.764.3425.

Changes made to bondholder accounts or bond holdings through IBD do not affect purchaser account information maintained by Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds. Changes to purchaser account information can be made by calling Israel Bonds Client Support, 888.519.4111, or emailing

You can also purchase Israel bonds using the Israel Bonds app. Learn more and download it here.