Bonding with History: A 70th Anniversary Narrative

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Jason Schwartz  Visit with a Visionary

In 2014, I had the privilege of joining an incredible international Israel Bonds delegation to Israel. We met with high-tech leaders, toured beautiful Ariel Sharon Park, heard from the prime minister, president and other government officials, and enjoyed so many special activities only an organization like Israel Bonds could arrange. Among the most memorable was a visit (not even on the official program) with Esther Herlitz, a participant in the 1950 meeting at which Israel Bonds was established. A distinguised diplomat, Israel Prize winner, hero of the Haganah and confidant of Golda Meir and Eleanor Roosevelt, the then-92-year-old Ambassador Herlitz hosted six of us in her Tel Aviv home, sharing firsthand stories of her remarkable life and the many historic events in which she took part. Having the opportunity to sit with someone who played such a significant role in the founding of both Israel and Israel Bonds was just one of many unique, enriching experiences I've enjoyed through my Israel Bonds involvement.