Bonding with History: A 70th Anniversary Narrative

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Bob Diener Sharing a Love and Passion for Israel

One of my first delegations was with New Leadership in 1996, joining more than 200 young professionals from throughout the U.S. who wanted to see Israel through the eyes of Israel Bonds. Not only did I make lifelong friends and learn about Israel's economy and society, I also had amazing opportunities to meet so many leaders, including the new prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. I was given the opportunity to introduce the Prime Minister and sit with him on the dais. I was so excited and humbled to chat with him one-on-one. I also met Ariel Sharon, Ehud Barak, Silvan Shalom, Dan Meridor and Ezer Weizman, gaining unique perspective on Israel from these leaders. Israel Bonds not only connected me financially to Israel, it connected me to others sharing a similar love and passion for Israel, and to the great leaders that shaped the nation into the powerhouse that it is today.