Bonding with History: A 70th Anniversary Narrative

What's Your Story?

Jason Langsner L'dor V'dor


The ROI I receive from Israel Bonds is greater than the interest on the bonds I buy for my family, and I'm proud to make all of my annual tzedakah in the form of Israel bonds. By doing so, I know that with each bond, I'm doing a double mitzvah. As National New Leadership co-chair, the Bonds organization and my fellow lay leaders have been a part of my family for the last seven years, and I cannot wait to introduce my new daughter, Mia, born October 11, to our Bonds family. I look forward to sharing with her why I believe purchasing Israel bonds is the most tangible thing we can do to support the State of Israel and Jewish peoplehood, outside of making aliyah. Carly and I look forward to sharing stories about why we love Israel, why we invest in Israel's development, and regularly bringing Mia to Israel. (Photo: Jason Langsner)