From the desk of Rabbi Martin Pasternak, National Director Synagogue and Rabbinic Activities

Below is the transcript of a short graphic video titled “What are Israel Bonds?” available on israelbonds.com.

What are Israel Bonds?
In 1948, Israel declared independence. Three years later, to help develop the new nation, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion launched Israel Bonds in the United States, the beginning of what would evolve into more than $46 billion dollars in worldwide sales.

So what are Israel Bonds?

Israel Bonds are debt securities issued by the State of Israel. Investing in Israel Bonds provides Israel with a loan, not a donation – which upon maturity is paid back on time in full and with interest, either during the term of the bond or at maturity.

Starting at just $36, Israel Bonds can be easily acquired online or offline. Israel Bonds strengthen Israel’s economy and can be utilized for any number of personal needs, including portfolio diversification, retirement plans, gifts and donations to causes organizations and universities. Warren Buffett, a $5 million dollar Israel Bonds holder, called investing in Israel Bonds, “A deserved endorsement of a remarkable country.”

Every Israel Bonds investor is part of a global network of stakeholders, proudly supporting a forward-looking Jewish state that saves lives and transforms the world on a daily basis.

Israel Bonds – an investment in a nation of limitless potential.

Invest in Israel; Invest in Israel Bonds

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