Distribute Tab Cards. The tab cards must get into the hands of the members of the congregation. This year traditional paper tab cards are available for congregations conducting in-person services or distributing tab cards by mail and digital tab cards available for virtual appeals (delivered to members by email before and after the event). Don’t have a plan? Contact your local Israel Bonds office here.
Collect Tab Cards. Synagogues conducting in-person appeals should avoid traditional in-person collection of tab cards and place a collection box in a place where people can deliver their tab card when convenient.
Choose Appeal Giver. The best appeal giver is a person who can speak passionately and personally about Israel; someone whose experiences with Israel and Israel Bonds will enable listeners to connect with their own primary and most meaningful Israel experiences.

What Not to Say. Due to securities industry regulations, non-registered individuals and non-employees may not mention denominations, features, terms of the bonds. Only Israel Bonds registered representatives may discuss rates, terms, denominations and perform know your customer analysis.  Appeal givers are urged to focus on the need, purpose, value, and satisfaction of joining with other members of the synagogue to support Israel through investing in Israel bonds.  Appeal givers should speak personally about what Israel bonds mean to them.
Timing of the Appeal. Appeal success is directly related to the number of seats occupied at the time of the appeal. With many types of hybrid services happening this year we recommend finding a time when the largest number of people may participate be they in person or on zoom. 
Before/After. Pre-appeal events and post appeal reminders to indicate interest to invest can boost the results of the appeal – as will bulletin articles, bimah announcements, and other reminders. Contact your Israel Bonds representative to plan pre/post appeal communications that fit your congregation.

Development Corporation for Israel. Issues subject to availability. This is not an offering, which can be made only by prospectus. Read the prospectus carefully before investing to fully evaluate the risks associate with investing in Israel bonds. Member FINRA