Dear Member of (insert name of synagogue)

Our synagogue’s common basket of High Holy Days touchstones includes the sounds of the shofar, white Torah covers, too many people in the lobby instead of the sanctuary, melodies we look forward to singing every year, and an Israel Bonds appeal.
Among the items in the basket the sounds of the shofar and Israel Bonds have the most in common because they link us to our history, our land, and our tradition. These timeless elements of our heritage inspire us, strengthen us, and connect us to Israel.

Making that connection through purchasing an Israel Bond requires a little more effort than listening to the sounds of the shofar but it’s never been easier.
Israel Bonds are available online or via the Israel bonds app; investments@israelbonds.com or 888.764.2631 or reach out to your registered representative to learn more about Israel Bonds’ current offerings.

Please consider returning the tab card by folding down a tab, placing it in the return envelope, affixing a stamp, and dropping it in the mail. The local Israel Bonds office will contact you to review your interest, discuss investment options, and send forms to complete an investment.

Every Israel bond investment, donation or gift by a member of our congregation renews our ties to Israel and each other. Celebrate the New Year 5783 by sharing an Israel Bond with a family member or with a Double Mitzvah i.e. donating to our synagogue or your favorite cause/agency/institution.

Like hearing the sounds of the shofar purchasing, gifting, or donating an Israel Bond is a connection that never gets old – it just gets stronger.

Development Corporation for Israel. Issues subject to availability. This is not an offering, which can be made only by prospectus. Read the prospectus carefully before investing to fully evaluate the risks associate with investing in Israel bonds. Member FINRA