Mentorship Program

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In 2019, National and International Chairman of the Board Howard L. Goldstein had the vision to see that the future of Israel Bonds was dependent on developing the next generation of lay leaders. To that end, the Mentorship Program was created under the direction of the Bonds Board of Directors and the National Campaign Advisory Council. The initiative was led by board member Andrew M. Hutter, MD, Advisory Council Vice Chair Melanie Moreno, and David Matz, working in conjunction with Bonds Vice President of Sales Stuart Garawitz.

The Mentorship Program launched during International Prime Ministers Club weekend in Florida in March 2019. Mentees were selected based upon their involvement with Israel Bonds, leadership skills, and enthusiasm for the organization. Board and council members were selected as mentors to this group to assist each mentee in becoming effective and involved Israel Bonds lay leaders, and to help build local campaigns, the foundation of the organization.

The program launch was a success. The mentees received awards and will be formally thanked in a final graduation program in April. The 2021 class has just begun, and the program has been renamed the Shimon Peres Mentorship and Leadership Initiative. The 2021 class is supervised by a committee chaired by Andrew Hutter, Campaign Advisory Council Vice Chair Josh Rubens, and council member Zev Shulkin, MD. The committee works closely with Howard Goldstein and National Campaign Advisory Council Chair Chuck Berk, as well Stuart Garawitz.

Israel Bonds has been a major connection between Israel and the Diaspora for 70 years. The Shimon Peres Mentorship and Leadership Initiative will help ensure the continued strength of the Bonds organization for years to come.