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Young Investor Society and YJP Miami Host Shabbat Dinner, First In-Person New Leadership Event in Over a Year

After more than a year of gatherings limited to virtual-only attendance, on June 11, Israel Bonds Young Investor Society joined Young Jewish Professionals (YJP) Miami to host a Shabbat Dinner at The Rok Family Shul Chabad in Brickell, in which over 200 guests enthusiastically reunited with friends and connected with new ones. Young leaders of the Miami area and other cities convened to celebrate the return of in-person events with fellow supporters of Israel, highlighting the importance of unity, and perpetuating the Jewish State’s achievements through investments in Israel bonds. The sold out event will be the first of many in the coming months, where the Young Investor Society will be holding events encompassing programming catered to the young Jewish community.

Bonds National and International Board Chairman Howard L. Goldstein addressed the crowd of young advocates of Israel, underscoring the significance of organizing to demonstrate solidarity for Israel, in times of crises and in peace. He urged the group to continue to support the Jewish nation, stating, “Israel is more than just a state, it’s a state of mind,” and emphasized the point that each person in attendance made a strong impact on the proliferation of the Jewish homeland. Mr. Goldstein and his wife Marcy, also in attendance, played a major role in the creation of the New Leadership Division in Miami four decades ago, leading delegations to Israel with fellow young members of the community.

Chair of the Young Investor Society Solomon Schoonover also conveyed these sentiments to the group, advising young leaders there is no better time than the present to stand for Israel and be a prominent figure in their respective communities by paving the way for other young Jews to start joining at events and becoming involved in the Bonds organization, in addition to carrying on the legacy of the Bonds mission through investments in Israel bonds.