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Women’s Division Prime Minister’s Circle Private Tour and Briefing at the UN by Talie Danon & Ambassador Danny Danon

Beginning December 3, the Israel Bonds Women’s Division held a series of exclusive events for its Prime Minister’s Circle members, including a dinner with Major General (Res.) Meir Klifi-Amir, current Friends of the IDF national director and CEO, at Abigael’s on Broadway in New York City, followed by a private tour and briefing at the United Nations by Talie Danon and her husband, Israel’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Danny Danon, on December 4.
More than 60 women joined the private tour and briefing at the UN, which commenced with a breakfast followed by a panel discussion where Israel Maimon, president & CEO of Israel Bonds, Stuart Garawitz, VP of sales, and Shira Lewis, Women’s Division chair welcomed guests and honored speakers Talie and Danny Danon.  Maimon explained the setting felt very much like home, as he worked closely in the Knesset with Danny and is appreciative of Danny & Talie’s efforts in committing to speak at Bonds programs: “There isn’t a single request where Israel Bonds fails to receive an immediate answer of ‘yes’.”  Danny & Talie’s devotion is an asset to the organization and their continued dedication to the Bonds mission is highly valued.
Shira Lewis, introduced by Israel Maimon as bringing the Women’s Division to new heights during her three-year tenure, expressed her gratitude and mentioned to the group that this would be her last event in her position, however she would continue serving as an Israel Bonds board member.  Laura Orzy, first Women’s Division chair from Canada, was wished great success in her new role which will begin in January, by Maimon and Lewis.
As Israel approaches its 70th anniversary, Maimon remarked on the impact of the Women’s Division in its history of supporting Israel, including the endeavors of then-Prime Minister Golda Meir, a co-signatory of Israel’s Declaration of Independence, and her influence as well as other Israeli female leaders contributing to Israel’s recognition as a nation by the UN less than a year later.  Maimon explained that if the Women’s Division had never been established, Israel Bonds could not be described as the $40 billion worldwide success story it is admired as today, and he lauded the women for serving as advocates of the State of Israel in their respective communities as well as for their continued investment in the thriving nation and people.
Maimon introduced Stuart Garawitz, who extended his appreciation to Talie & Danny, Shira and Michelle Klahr, national director of Women’s Division.  
Stuart extended his personal thanks to the women, emphasizing the importance of their unwavering commitment to the organization, explaining that the greatest endorsement they can give for the State of Israel is their ongoing investments in Israel bonds. Garawitz introduced Women’s Division member Sharon Halpern, who then presented Talie Danon.
Talie, a clinical dietitian with over 18 years of experience in the Israeli public health sector, has held numerous roles spearheading health initiatives across the state of Israel.  Mrs. Danon spoke on her family’s move to New York and the dissimilarities from the Israeli lifestyle, as well as getting her children acclimated and her and Danny establishing themselves in New York as relatively younger diplomats.
Mrs. Danon spoke on the role of the spouse of the ambassador and its evolution over time, as she enlightened the group about a book she was given, Wife of the Ambassador, which highlights interesting anecdotes from wives of UN delegates. Contrary to earlier years, many wives of ambassadors now have their own careers, and currently 45 women serve as ambassadors at the UN.
Talie, once head of the nutrition department at the District Ministry of Health in Jerusalem, takes pride in hosting events at local art galleries in which she invites wives of other UN ambassadors to view art reflecting on Judaism, art in the Holocaust, and to learn more about Israeli culture. She is focused on educating others on the history of the Jewish nation, and once held a Seder for the ambassadors to experience a Pesach meal and prayers.  Mrs. Danon praised the work of UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, for her dedicated and tireless vigor, as well as the Danons’ staff and team of supporters.
Shira Lewis introduced Danny Danon, who previously served as a member of the Knesset from the Likud Party as Minister of Science, Technology and Space and as Deputy Minister of Defense and is honored for his diplomatic achievements and relationships.  Danon warmly welcomed the women and underscored the fact that Israeli culture and the Jewish religion are making progress on a daily basis at the UN, noting that Yom Kippur is now recognized as a national holiday and kosher food is served in the UN cafeteria.  Danon continued, “Our challenge is to close the gap, and we must work to eliminate the fears that supporters of Israel have of freely stating their desire to represent the strong Jewish nation." Like his wife, Danon expressed admiration for Ambassador Nikki Haley for her tremendous work, describing her as being “fearless on the notion of creating change.”  Throughout the tour, he advised the women to remain optimistic, and, on the heels of the Women’s Division’s Delegation to Israel which occurred just over a month ago, Danon stressed the importance of bringing individuals to Israel in order to strengthen their connection and deepen their passion for the nation, as people must witness firsthand what it means to stand for Israel.
Danon advised that the Jewish people around the world should not act according to threats, and cites David Ben-Gurion, founder of Israel Bonds, as a prime example of how to lead and not be governed by threats.
The participants proceeded on the UN tour, which was followed by lunch at UN Plaza Grill.  

UN Ambassador Danny Danon and wife Talie Danon provide Women’s Division delegates
a perspective on representing Israel (Photo: Shahar Azran)

Ambassador Danon and wife Talie join Women’s Division member, Sharon Halpern (far left),
Israel Bonds President & CEO Israel Maimon, Women’s Division Chair Shira Lewis,
VP of Sales Stuart Garawitz, as panel speakers (Photo: Shahar Azran)

Ambassador Danon and Israel Maimon join Women’s Division participants at breakfast
prior to the delegation briefing and tour (Photo: Shahar Azran)

Women’s Division members and Israel Bonds staff pictured in front of UN wall mural,
one of the many works of art displayed at the UN from countries around the world
(Photo: Shahar Azran)