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Women’s Division of Metropolitan New Jersey Hosts an Evening with Siggy Flicker

Writer, relationship expert, motivational speaker, and star of the Bravo television reality series The Real Housewives of New Jersey Siggy Flicker shared her time and words of wisdom with the Israel Bonds Women’s Division of Metropolitan New Jersey on Thursday, May 3rd at an intimate dessert reception in Livingston.  The gathering of more than 50 brought together guests from New York and New Jersey, all of whom were eager to hear Siggy, also a professional matchmaker and author of Write Your Own Fairy Tale: The New Rules for Dating, Relationships, and Finding Love On Your Terms, offer advice not only on finding love and happiness, but on how to stand as a supporter of Israel and represent oneself as a proud Jewish woman.

Guest of honor Siggy Flicker (third from left) shared her compassion for Israel and enduring
commitment to the Jewish nation with the women of Israel Bonds Women’s Division of Metro NJ
in Livingston. From left, Debbie Janoff, Beth Silverberg, Siggy Flicker and Rachel B. Scherl 

Born in Israel during the Six-Day War, Siggy and her parents moved to Cherry Hill, NJ when she was just five years old. Her father, Dr. Mordecai Paldiel, a Belgian-born Holocaust survivor brought to freedom in Switzerland by a Catholic priest, served as director of the Department of the Righteous Among the Nations at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem for over 24 years, recounting more than 10,000 rescue stories of non-Jews who risked their lives during the Holocaust to save Jews from the Nazis. Now at 81, Dr. Paldiel educates students in Jewish history and Holocaust studies at Stern College at Yeshiva University and recently published his 11th book. With both parents in attendance, Ms. Flicker credited her mother and father for raising her to always take pride in her Jewish faith and serve as an example to others in combatting anti-Israel sentiment.
Being the only Jewish ‘housewife’ on the Bravo hit series, Siggy proudly took on the responsibility of enlightening her fellow cast mates about her personal connection with Judaism, and how she instills values in her children to continue the tradition and beliefs that were taught to her as a young girl.  Quoting Winston Churchill, Ms. Flicker remarked, “A nation that forgets its past has no future,” recognizing the significance of proliferating the legacy of the Jewish nation, a land nearly the size of New Jersey, which has achieved remarkable accomplishments only because the Jewish people were there to support it. Emphasizing the imperative duty to remain strong, resilient, and spirited as an active moral center and community, she encouraged the group to bring shalom to all and unite for the Jewish future.

More than 50 Women’s Division members gathered to hear Ms. Flicker’s outlook on
relationships and learn from her personal experiences in entrepreneurship and starring
on network TV.

Having matched more than a thousand couples in her career as a relationship specialist, Ms. Flicker implores women to ‘know their worth,’ and to possess the courage and chutzpah needed to meet life’s demands, advising that things will all make sense and get easier. In overcoming many personal challenges herself, she attributes her immeasurable love for her family and is exuberant when she sees her children take part in Judaic activities and honor their Jewish heritage. A firm believer in the triumph of the human spirit, Ms. Flicker inspired the women to come together and stand in support for the State of Israel, and to invest in the next generation of proud Jews by investing in Israel bonds to fortify the Jewish homeland.

Joined by Danielle Ross, Israel Bonds Women’s Division Metro NJ registered representative, Women’s Division Director Michelle Klahr, and co-chairs and committee members of the Women’s Division Metro NJ, guests affectionately applauded Siggy as the floor opened for questions. Her father, Dr. Mordecai Paldiel, closed the discussion by providing an historic glimpse of his heroic experiences in escaping to freedom, dedicating his life’s work to Holocaust remembrance, and highlighting the importance of a Jewish education.  

Ms. Flicker and her parents conveyed the strong bond that holds their family together from
generation to generation.

Terri Friedman and Barbara Hutter co-chaired the event, while Rachel Braun Scherl, member of the Women’s Division committee, served as moderator of the Q&A. Other committee members included Pamela Fishman, Emily Fried, Sharon Halpern, Debbie Janoff, Lois Kaish, Caren Rothenberg, Debbie Schwartz and Brenda Tanzman.

Early in the evening, Michelle Klahr provided an instructive overview on the strategic initiatives and events planned for Women’s Division in the year ahead, while Danielle Ross spoke on the goals and mission of the Bonds enterprise, and expressed her gratitude to Ms. Flicker and to all who contributed to the event’s success.  

Women’s Division committee members, staff and guests were elated to spend time with
Siggy and hear her stories as a hometown celebrity and proud Jewish wife and mother. 
From left: Women’s Division of Metro NJ registered representative Danielle Ross,
Pamela Fishman, Barbara Hutter, Siggy Flicker, Debbie Janoff, Terri Friedman and
Rachel B. Scherl

(Photos: Jeff Karg)