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Women’s Division Announces Launch of Israel Bonds New York Women’s Division During International Prime Minister’s Club Weekend; Congratulates Bobbie Goldstein on Shimon Peres Leadership Award

As Israel Bonds investors and supporters from around the world gathered to celebrate the annual Prime Minister’s Club Dinner and weekend of events March 1-3 at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida, Israel Bonds’ Women’s Division held a council meeting to mark the organization’s Year of the Lay Leader and to formally announce the Israel Bonds New York Women’s Division. As Women’s Division frequently holds a multitude of premier events each year in the major city, the establishment of an official division, led by co-chairs Shira Lewis, former Women’s Division chair and current board member, and Liran Yechiel, active lay leader, was an imperative in order to focus exclusively on the needs of women living and working in the area.

Liran Yechiel, co-chair of Israel Bonds New York Women’s Division, (left) pictured with
Teri Herbstman, chair, Israel Bonds New Leadership Chicago at the 2019 International
Prime Minister’s Club Dinner on March 3 at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, FL

Laura Orzy, chairperson of Women’s Division, proudly welcomed all to the committee and thanked the women, as did Stuart Garawitz, Vice President of Sales, for their ongoing commitment and support of the Bonds organization. Newcomers, including women from Bonds’ New Leadership Division, as well as legacy members such as recipient of the Shimon Peres Leadership Award, Bobbie Goldstein, were delighted by the news of the new division, and eager to learn of the upcoming events planned for the year to come.  One of nine honorees awarded at the annual Prime Minister’s Club Dinner, Bobbie along with her husband Marty, have and continue to be pillars of the Bonds community on a national and local scope. National Campaign Advisory Council members and residents of New Jersey, Bobbie currently serves as representative to the Conference of Presidents, while Marty stands in charge of campaign emergency preparedness.   

Laura Orzy, chairperson of Women’s Division, emcees the March 3 dinner with Ken Goldberg,
chair, National Campaign Advisory Council 

Bobbie Goldstein, Shimon Peres Leadership Award recipient (center), with Debbie Taub
and Diana Sager, of Bonds’ Tampa Women’s Division at the annual Prime Minister’s Club Dinner

Participants also welcomed Zahava Ritter, Bonds’ National New Leadership Division Director, in her new role based out of New York’s headquarters. Zahava, taking a dedicated stance in advocating for Bonds as a lay leader, escalated her involvement with the organization by joining in February, and was diligent to quickly embark on initiatives in support of the Bonds movement.
Bonds’ Women’s Division Director Michelle Klahr expressed appreciation for all in attendance and congratulated the Goldsteins and Zahava respectively, while enthusiastically sharing the prior year’s success in raising the number of women bondholders and increasing the level of investments. In looking ahead at the Division’s rapidly approaching Israel Delegation, slated for October 27-31, Michelle encouraged the women to spread the word in their home communities and congregations and inform others of the exciting Israeli sites, tours and experiences that await the participants, not to mention the invaluable, lifelong connections likely to be made along the journey.
Meeting attendees were pleased to hear from guest speaker, Daniel Sahalo, a lieutenant in the IDF who served in the elite Paratroopers 101 battalion and continues to serve in the IDF reserves as a company commander of a combat patrol unit.  In communicating his personal story, Daniel explained the long and dangerous journey in which he and his family immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia by foot and finally settled in Jerusalem to create a new life. Daniel, now marketing and sales manager of Megemeria jewelry collection created by the Megemeria social enterprise, teaches Ethiopian immigrants to Israel the art and science of jewelry design and manufacturing. 
In concluding the assembly, Laura emphasized the significance of recruitment of the next generation of Women’s Division leaders and representatives, and of cultivating a sense of family in cities throughout North America that the Bonds enterprise is recognized for. As she acknowledged the women for their dedication and continued investment in Israel bonds during this Prime Minister’s Club weekend and those before it, she exclaimed, “It feels as though we’re getting back together with our family.”
Photos: Peter Halmagyi