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New Leadership Bonds Bootcamp: Camp Young Judaea Retreat and Conference Center in Wimberley & Austin, TX

In its lasting mission to ensure the prosperity of the Bonds organization and secure the next generation of bondholders, Israel Bonds New Leadership Division brought young investors from seven countries across three continents to Camp Young Judaea in Wimberley, Texas and to Austin, Texas for its inaugural Bonds Bootcamp. Participants came together to meet fellow New Leadership members and to learn from Israel Bonds senior leadership and staff about ways to become more involved with the organization and to expand their knowledge on the importance of investing.  Over an extended weekend beginning on Friday, December 8, participants heard from guest speakers: Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush; Israel’s Ground Forces Attaché to the US, IDF Col. Yaron Beit-On; as well as JSwipe | mllnnl founder David Yarus. The group networked with guests, Regional and National New Leadership Council members and Bonds leadership and staff as they attended panel discussions and social gatherings together throughout the weekend.  The three-day program was jam-packed with thought-provoking seminars and engaging workshops which focused on strengthening one’s connection with Israel and understanding how to serve as influential young leaders in their respective communities to encourage Bond participation. In addition, renowned mentalist Guy Bavli performed one evening and another evening was spent in Downtown Austin for a night of “Social Spirits and Mixology” including Israeli and Texan inspired cocktails.

More than 40 young professionals joined Israel Bonds staff and lay leaders at the inaugural retreat, which commenced with a National New Leadership Council meeting followed by keynote speaker Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush addressing the group. Israel Maimon, President & CEO of Israel Bonds, introduced Commissioner Bush, remarking that he had the opportunity to meet Commissioner Bush’s uncle, 43rd U.S. President George W. Bush while serving as government secretary for prime ministers Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert in Israel, and that Israelis regard former President Bush with great respect as he was a firm advocate of Israel and supporter of the Bonds organization. Commissioner Bush spoke on his personal connection to Israel, and, after visiting last year, decided to publish an article about his journey to motivate Texans and people around the world to stand for Israel and support the nation’s extraordinary achievements. 
As the Sabbath started during the delegation, prayer services led by Rabbi Zvi Drizin of Dallas accompanied by Shabbat dinner were held over an evening of informative discussions which guided the group to learn more about means of inspiring their communities to participate in Bonds events and to join in endeavors of New Leadership members in spreading awareness.  New Leadership Council members Teri Herbstman of Chicago, Albert Rubinsky of Boston, Vice Chair of National New Leadership Jason Langsner, along with National Campaign Advisory Council Chair Kenny Goldberg and Women’s Division Chair Shira Lewis, participated in a panel to educate new members on how Israel bond investments are essential to the growth of Israel’s economy and how increasing the number of bond investors is critical to the fortification of the Jewish nation.
The next day marked a series of further breakout sessions and guest speakers, in which attendees gained added perspective through the eyes of IDF Col. Yaron Beit-On.  They also learned about maneuvering through the hurdles of Jewish millennial dating with founder of JSwipe | mllnnl David Yarus.  After an enjoyable day re-living their younger years on the campgrounds of Camp Young Judaea, participants celebrated Havdalah and prepared for a night out in Downtown Austin followed by the quintessential campfire amongst new friends.
On the final day of the program, participants heard from National New Leadership Chair David Matz, Board member Jason Schwartz, in addition to Associate Director of New Leadership Rachel Fertel, as well as other speakers about the importance of continuing the Bonds mission upon returning home.  Presenters emphasized that no size group is too small to propagate the goals of the Bonds organization or to embrace one’s love for Israel.
Through the New Leadership Division’s Bonds Bootcamp retreat, it is anticipated that many of the delegates will serve as a guiding light in their individual communities to empower those around them with knowledge about the significance of investing in Israel bonds, what it means to support Israel’s economy and the people of Israel, and to further deepen their connection and pride in the State of Israel.

Israel Bonds New Leadership National Council members (from left): Vladi Yurovsky of Miami,
Albert Rubinsky of Boston, Vice Chair of National New Leadership Jason Langsner
of Washington D.C., Council members Teri Herbstman of Chicago, Hannah Niman of Los Angeles,
Melissa Hutter of New York, Associate Director of National New Leadership Rachel Fertel,
and Chair of National New Leadership David Matz of Miami, stand behind President & CEO
of Israel Bonds, Israel Maimon following a National New Leadership Council meeting prior to
Bonds Bootcamp in Austin, Texas (Photo: Harold Fisch)

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush joins Israel Bonds President & CEO Israel Maimon
following a briefing to Bonds New Leadership members at Jackson Walker LLP in Austin,
Texas (Photo: Harold Fisch)

New Leadership members learn about Jewish millennial dating from JSwipe | mllnnl founder
David Yarus at Camp Young Judaea in Wimberley, Texas (Photo: Harold Fisch)

New Leadership participants and Israel Bonds staff close Bonds Bootcamp retreat
after a full schedule of seminars, discussions and engaging activities over a three-day
weekend at Camp Young Judaea in Wimberley, Texas (Photo: Harold Fisch)