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National Women’s Division Hosts Melissa Bernstein, Co-Founder of Melissa & Doug Toys, in an Intimate Discussion About Entrepreneurship

In an exclusive engagement held over Zoom on October 12, National Women’s Division hosted Melissa Bernstein, co-founder of the toy company Melissa & Doug, who spoke on ‘Entrepreneurship and the Myth of Having it All,’ telling her story of how she and her husband created the business from their garage in Westport, Connecticut in 1988. Encountering a number of personal challenges along the way, yet undeterred by her creative mindset and forward-thinking vision, Melissa cultivated a daily practice entitled ‘Living Life With E’s’, geared towards helping others improve their self-awareness and enhancing their spiritual and mental outlook. Inspired by supporters sharing similar struggles, Melissa established LifeLines in 2020, a mental well-being ecosystem of content tools and products, focusing on optimizing emotional health and teaching individuals how to build their unique roadmap to wellness.  A passion project turned into a book, LifeLines: An Inspirational Journey, shares Melissa’s mission and achievements in balancing her work and home life while caring for their six children.

Members of the National Women’s Division’s Golda Meir Society, investing $5,000 or more, earned access to a VIP meet and greet with Melissa and Doug, which allowed for questions and comments.

For more information regarding involvement in the National Women’s Division’s Golda Meir Society, investments or general questions, email