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Israel Maimon Participates in IAC Panel Discussion

Bonds President & CEO Israel Maimon participated in a panel discussion organized by the Israeli-American Council (IAC) as part of its annual conference held November 3-6 in Washington, DC.
Speaking at a session held November 5, Maimon addressed the issue of a growing divide between Israel and the Diaspora.  He noted that Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion formed Israel Bonds “to be a bridge between Israel and the Diaspora,” adding, “Israel bonds are investments, but they are value-added investments, and building these bridges, this connection, is the most fundamental aspect of purchasing Israel bonds.”

Bonds President & CEO Israel Maimon discusses utilizing Israel bonds
as a means of building bridges between Israel and the Diaspora at the 
annual IAC Conference

In addition to citing the importance of engaging the young generation, Maimon said the effort to facilitate strong ties between Israel and the Diaspora “also means highlighting the uniqueness of Israel, because Israel is not simply another nation on the map. There are many countries throughout the world with flags displaying crosses and crescents, but there is only one – one – proudly flying the Magen David.”