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Israel Bonds Women’s Division and American Friends of Soroka Medical Center Highlight Israel’s ‘Medical Iron Dome’ with Three Leading Physicians

In a virtual event entitled, ‘Israel’s Medical Iron Dome: Saving Lives Under Fire,’ held by the Bonds Women’s Division and American Friends of Soroka Medical Center on June 15, Bonds supporters heard from three of Israel’s frontline physicians committed to saving lives in times of conflict and unrest. Soroka Medical Center, located in Be’er Sheva, is home to expert physicians providing care in periods of crises to all requiring medical assistance, including Palestinians, Bedouins and refugees. Dr. Agneta (Agi) Golan, world-renowned neonatologist with work involving a global project to reduce neonatal mortality in Africa spoke on the call, as did Dr. Moti Klein, head of the ICU and head of Medical Technologies who has cared for many wounded IDF soldiers, in addition to Dr. Shoshana Arbelle, director of the Milstein Center for Trauma Recovery and a lecturer in psychiatry at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Goldman School of Medicine. Dr. Arbelle has led Soroka’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Unit since 1995.


Each physician provided moving testimony of their experiences tending to the needs of patients during conflicts including Operation Pillar of Defense, Operation Protective Edge, and, most recently Operation Guardian of the Walls, in addition to the COVID-19 crisis. The common theme they conveyed was to “never give up” and, in the most challenging times, stay focused on the goal and mission you are committed to.

Israel Bonds and American Friends of Soroka Medical Center have collaborated to provide support for Soroka Medical Center through the Bonds ‘Double Mitzvah’ program, enabling investors to purchase Israel bonds and donate them to American Friends of Soroka Medical Center. For more information about investing in Israel bonds and donating them to Soroka Medical Center, visit here.

“This collaboration is very meaningful for Soroka Medical Center,” said Rachel Heisler Sheinfeld, executive director of American Friends of Soroka Medical Center. “The ‘Double Mitzvah’ program helps strengthen Israel and supports cutting edge medical care and breakthrough research at Soroka. This helps save lives in Israel and around the world, fulfilling David Ben-Gurion’s dream for the ‘desert to bloom’.”