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Israel Bonds Young Investors Society Hosts Annual Hanukkah Celebration with Comedian Modi

On December 16, the Israel Bonds Young Investors Society hosted its annual Hanukkah celebration at Lavan 541 in Manhattan, in which over 150 young professionals gathered for the festivities and heard from famous Jewish comedian Modi, who brought laughter and amusement to the group. The event, ‘Vodka, Latkes and Laughs,’ served up its namesake and brought together Bonds New Leadership members, current and prospective investors, as well as leadership and friends alike. 

The soiree included music and traditional holiday food, with a number of local young advocates for Israel networking and sharing thoughts on the successful year that was. Event organizers enlightened attendees on how to get further involved with the organization, while President & CEO Israel Maimon addressed the assembly, underscoring the fact that Israel Bonds continues to be committed to fostering the development of new, young supporters of the Jewish state.

With deep appreciation for their attendance and warm wishes for a happy Hanukkah and New Year, Israel Maimon praised the group for their continued dedication to the Bonds mission and ongoing investments helping Israel’s economy maintain its reputation of strength and resilience.