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Philadelphia Women’s Division's 6th Annual Chai Tea

The Philadelphia Women’s Division 6th Annual Chai Tea took place August 9 at a private home in Margate, New Jersey. The event was highlghted by the presence of Talie Danon, wife of Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, and featured the honoring of Ann Waldman. Bobbi Wasserman and Marla Zipkin co-chaired the event.

From left: Philadelphia Women’s Division Co-Chair Lois Kaliner; Philadelphia Women’s
Division registered representative Sharon Richman; Philadelphia Women’s Division Co-Chair
Daryl Segal; Chai Tea honoree Ann Waldman; National Women’s Division Director Michelle
Klahr; and national board member Shira Lewis

From left:  Event Co-Chair Marla Zipkin; Philadelphia Women’s Division Co-Chair Daryl Segal;
honoree Ann Waldman; Philadelphia Women’s Division Co-Chair Lois Kaliner; and
Chai Tea Co-Chair Bobbi Wasserman

Photos: Julie Miller