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Israel Bonds Women’s Division Hosts Exclusive Event with 'Fauda' Co-Creator

In his second event in a month with Israel Bonds, Fauda co-creator Avi Issacharoff spoke to over 430 Israel Bonds Women’s Division members about his background and vision for his hit Israeli television action series via Zoom on May 4, sharing a behind the scenes perspective on the developments and direction which led to the success of the top-rated show, now in its third season. Issacharoff and co-creator Lior Raz initially met while serving together in a special forces elite undercover unit in the Israel Defense Forces, and fast-forward years later while in the reserves organized to meet for a brainstorming session leading to the birth of the award-winning production, Fauda.

'Fauda' co-creator Avi Issacharoff describes his passion
project with Israel Bonds Women's Division

Issacharoff explained the intricacies of crafting the storyline as close to reality as possible, guided by his military service in covert operations in addition to conferring with influential Israeli and Arab leaders. In highlighting the multi-layered approach it takes to achieve the authenticity of scenes revolving around Middle East conflict and terrorism from casting, to filming onto editing, he emphasizes as Fauda means ‘chaos’ in Arabic, “This isn’t Hollywood. It’s different here. Tragic things happen.”
The global program with Avi Issacharoff was held under Women’s Division auspices, with New York co-chairs Liran Yechiel and Shira Lewis leading the virtual event. For information on Women’s Division activities and investing in Israel bonds, click here