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Israel Bonds Leadership Attends Briefing by IsraAID on the Organization's Disaster Relief Efforts Underway in the Bahamas Following Hurricane Dorian

On September 19, Israel Bonds leadership, in cooperation with IsraAID, held a briefing with IsraAID (US) Global Humanitarian Assistance, Inc., Executive Director Seth Davis and Emergency Response Lead Michal Bar to discuss the organization’s progress and status of disaster relief provided to the victims of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. The Israeli humanitarian aid agency promptly sent an emergency response team to distribute urgent supplies, restore drinking water access, and conduct further needs assessments of affected communities in the wake of the most powerful tropical cyclone on record to strike the country. Spearheading efforts on the ground, Bar highlighted IsraAID’s initiatives underway, including delivering essential items and providing comfort and psychological support to evacuees in shelters, as well as setting up multipurpose community centers, and establishing training and mentorship programs to teach local humanitarian organizations to help their citizens restore and rebuild the communities after they are gone. The update, followed by a Q&A, offered valuable insight to Bonds’ leaders, which included global representation spanning across three continents. Expressing appreciation and gratitude for the briefing and for IsraAID’s extraordinary work, Bonds President & CEO Israel Maimon affirmed, “This recovery effort is a true example of the values of the Jewish people, and Israel Bonds praises the dedication of IsraAID not just in the Bahamas but in all the countries you are helping to rehabilitate.”

IsraAID's on the ground Hurrican Dorian disaster relief efforts in the Bahamas.
(Photos courtesy of IsraAID)