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Israel Bonds Hosts Global Event with Health Experts and Epidemiologists Siegal Sadetzki Jacobson, MD, MPH and Eric J. Haas, MD, MSCE


As part of Israel Bonds’ global event speaker series with renowned experts in an array of fields across the spectrum, on May 14 Bonds leadership hosted two medical frontrunners working in Israel’s Ministry of Health, Siegal Sadetzki Jacobson, MD, MPH, director of public health services, and Eric J. Haas, MD, MSCE, director of the Department of Routine Immunizations. Speaking on the topic Israel’s Proactive Approach to Combating Coronavirus, Dr. Sadetzki and Dr. Haas have been at the forefront of Israel's widely-admired measures to contain the pandemic.   


With under 36 new cases and many Israelis returning to work and school as restrictions are gradually lifting, Dr. Sadetzki, a member of the Ministry’s coronavirus task force, spoke on the ways Israel’s rapid response to news of the outbreak enabled the nation to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, including closing off borders to containment of those infected. On December 31, 2019, as the World Health Organization became informed of a pneumonia of unknown etiology, in less than three weeks, Israel published specific guidelines on testing and diagnostic protocols in order to combat the disease and mobilize the health care systems to accommodate for the volume of patients. Just one day after publishing the guidelines, Israel’s medical providers were able to conduct PCR tests for COVID-19, and a month later successfully diagnosed the first patient for the virus.

For many years, Dr. Sadetzki's focus has been on cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, most recently establishing guidelines for the appropriate age to start breast cancer screening. Now she and her colleague Dr. Haas, a specialist in pediatrics, infectious diseases and public health, are working diligently with a number of physicians and medical researchers on coronavirus serological and targeted testing advancements, controlling the epidemic through implementation of social measures, and preparing the hospital and healthcare systems in the event of a possible second wave, while also racing to develop vaccines. 

The global program with Dr. Sadetzki and Dr. Haas was led by Israel Bonds Tampa Bay Chair Dr. Steven Warren, who is also a member of Bonds’ National Campaign Advisory Council. Dr. Warren, an orthopedic surgeon and long-time supporter of the Bonds organization, underscored the Jewish nation’s commitment to scientific, technological and medical innovations in all facets, and emphasized the importance of demonstrating pride and admiration for the Jewish state through investments in Israel bonds.