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Israel Bonds Honors Florida Governor in Jerusalem

Israel Bonds honored Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on May 29 in Jerusalem in recognition of the steadfast support he has consistently demonstrated for Israel since becoming governor and, previously, as a member of Congress.  

Bonds Chairman of the Board Howard L. Goldstein makes a presentation to Gov. Ron DeSantis

Gov. DeSantis arrived in Israel with a delegation comprised of Florida officials, business leaders and academics. Bonds Chairman of the Board Howard L. Goldstein, in making an award presentation to Gov. DeSantis, noted that Florida has invested tens of millions of dollars in Israel bonds. He told the governor, “Every moment of this trip, you have seen the vibrant, dynamic nation built with the help of nearly seven decades of Israel bonds support.” 

Gov. DeSantis speaks of his support for Israel, as expressed through Florida’s investments
in Israel bonds

Israel Bonds was also represented by board member Bob Diener; Palm Beach Executive Director Mark Ruben; Miami Assistant Executive Director Melanie Weinstein; and International Director of Business Development Sara Friedman. 
(Photos: Yossi Zamir)