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Israel Bonds Holds Panel Discussion on COVID-19 Vaccine and Mask Mandates: Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues with Dorit Reiss, Ph.D., Dr. Jason L. Schwartz and Dr. Steven B. Warren

In a discussion held over Zoom on October 21, Israel Bonds welcomed Dorit Reiss, Ph.D, law professor of the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, Dr. Jason L. Schwartz, associate professor of Yale School of Public Health and panel moderator and event chair Steven B. Warren, MD, to assess legal issues of private businesses enforcing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, in addition to ethical concerns for mandate justification, and health aspects concerning vaccination mandates.


Dr. Reiss’ work focuses on healthcare and social policies, and legal issues related to vaccines including exemption laws and tort liability related to non-vaccination, as she teaches torts, administrative law, and public health law. Dr. Schwartz has written widely on vaccines and vaccination programs, decision-making in federal and state health policy, and his general interest focuses on the ways in which evidence is interpreted, evaluated, and translated into regulation and policy in medicine and public health. Both shared their insight with Dr. Warren, vice chair of Israel Bonds’ National Campaign Advisory Council, and those on the virtual gathering to convey the importance of being informed in making proper decisions in regards to individuals’ health and well-being and their rights in terms of upholding to state and federal laws.

Dr. Warren emphasized the critical need for supporters of Israel to invest in Israel’s future, by way of purchasing Israel bonds for portfolios, gift-giving, and donations to other Jewish and Israel-related organizations and foundations. A minimum of a $36 Israel bond investment was required to attend the event.