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Rockland Women’s Division Holds 70th Anniversary Golda Meir Tribute Featuring Dr. Ruth Westheimer

On February 3, Israel Bonds Rockland Women’s Division held a special 70th anniversary Golda Meir tribute recognizing past Women’s Division chairs, featuring Dr. Ruth Westheimer, renowned sex therapist, media personality, author, radio and television talk show host, and Holocaust “orphan” via Zoom. The event, gathering over 180 Israel Bonds supporters and investors, gratefully acknowledged Sharon Sasson, general chair and past Women’s Division chair of Rockland, while welcoming new Women’s Division co-chairs Pam Greenspan and Debbie Weinstein.

Bonds President & CEO Israel Maimon expressed his gratitude for all on the call, stating, “Women’s Division is a crucial part of Israel Bonds’ success during the last 70 years, and we couldn’t have done it without the support and participation of each person on the event today. I want to thank you, and I look forward to working with you on the success of Israel Bonds.”

The list of past chairs included Lillian Adler z’l, Cathy Distelburger, Michelle Eisler, Bobbie Goldstein, Anne Katz, Bunny King z’l, Judy Klein, Geanne Levin z’l, Shira Lewis, Erica Napach, Nancy Parkes, Shelly Pasternak Jacobowitz, Sylvia Pruzansky, Ceil Rosenzweig z’l, Sharon Sasson, Marilyn Soffer, Selma Stelzer z’l, Lila Stern z’l, Phyllis Wind z’l, Ruth Windwehr z’l, and Gloria Zeisel. Israel Bonds proudly honors these women and commends them on their years of leadership and dedication to Israel and to the Bonds organization.

Dr. Ruth, born in Germany to Orthodox Jewish parents who perished in the Holocaust, emigrated as a teen to Jerusalem and served in the Haganah. Throughout her life, she stood by her belief and determination to perpetuate the Jewish state, asserting “we Jews, need a country of our own.” Reflecting on Bonds’ founding father and the establishment of Israel’s independence, Dr. Ruth recalls, “When Ben-Gurion declared this, in that moment, I can still feel the way I felt.” She went on to share her thoughts on supporting Israel, “Tonight, we talk about the need to help Israel, and Israel Bonds. I am so proud of that part of my life, I was in Israel.”