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Israel Bonds Women’s Division Holds Exclusive Briefing with Author and Entrepreneur Charlie Harary

On April 7, Israel Bonds Women’s Division held an exclusive briefing with Charlie Harary, author, entrepreneur, attorney and motivational speaker, on the topic, “Passover: Appreciating the Freedom in Our Lives” for an enlightening discussion in spirit of the holiday. Founder of the multi-million dollar venture capture firm, H3, and current CEO of Ayven Point Group, an investment and advisory company based in New York, Charlie provided insight and inspiring discussion on ways to keep the warmth of Pesach in homes and hearts during these especially challenging times.

Author of the best-selling book, “Unlocking Greatness,” Charlie offered his perspective on recognizing the lessons of the Torah, and acknowledging Israel’s history of resilience and strength to mirror in our own lives as we embark on the holiday in nontraditional ways. He encouraged attendees to remain positive, and stay united as one in support of each other, and in support of the future of Israel and people of Israel around the world.
Bonds’ Vice President for National Sales, Stuart Garawitz, advised attendees “we are ready for the challenge,” in referencing Israel’s Finance Ministry increasing the organization’s goal for the year of total investments, while Laura Orzy, international chair of Bonds’ Women’s Division, highlighted the significance of investing in Israel bonds and thanked all who joined for their enduring commitment and faith in the Jewish nation, wishing them and their families a healthy and happy Pesach.