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In Memory of Burton P. Resnick

The leadership and staff of Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds mourn the passing of Burton P. Resnick. A titan of Israel Bonds and the Jewish world whose influence was felt throughout the country and in Israel, Mr. Resnick was 83.

Chairman of the Board Howard L. Goldstein hailed Mr. Resnick as “a member of the second generation of Israel Bonds founders whose impact on the organization was immeasurable.”

Bonds leaders paying tribute to Mr. Resnick included Chairman of the Board Emeritus Richard L. Hirsch, who praised him as “very special and deserving of our recognition and respect.”

Mr. Resnick was an exceptional role model and mentor to successive generations. Michael Siegal, who succeeded him as chairman of the board, becoming the youngest person ever to hold the position, recalled, “Burt, who was always available when asked, set for me - and all who had the privilege to know him - an example of what generosity and leadership should be.”

Susan Weikers, Mr. Resnick’s immediate past predecessor as Bonds national chairman, recalled his “lifetime of commitment to all Jewish causes. May his memory be a blessing.”

Mr. Resnick began his Bonds involvement as chairman of the New York Real Estate and Construction Division, created by his father Jack, in the formative days of Israel Bonds. Jack and his mother Pearl had a profound influence on Mr. Resnick, instilling within him a love of Judaism and standards of leadership that shaped the direction of his life. Over the course of decades of involvement with Israel Bonds, Mr. Resnick served in numerous capacities, and was widely respected by Israeli leaders across the political spectrum. 

Burt Resnick greets Yitzhak Shamir as Mikhail Gorbachev looks on at an Israel Bonds dinner
honoring the former Soviet premier

In addition to enhancing Jewish life throughout the world and Israel, Mr. Resnick was a patron of the arts and culture, supporting institutions including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Carnegie Hall.

His legendary status in the real estate industry as head of Jack Resnick & Sons – today, its holdings include approximately 900 rental apartments and over 6 million square feet of office space, chiefly in Manhattan – never precluded Mr. Resnick from doing his utmost on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people. 

Mr. Resnick’s overt sense of commitment, and his charismatic personality, were the defining qualities of a remarkable individual. He will be greatly missed.