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Gilad Sharon Meets with Israel Bonds New Leadership in New York

Gilad Sharon, son of iconic general and prime minister Ariel Sharon, met with Israel Bonds New Leadership representatives at a luncheon held in his honor on May 21 at Bonds headquarters in New York. The meeting, which was one of three speaking engagements with Sharon organized by the Bonds enterprise during May 20-21, served as a platform in which the late Israeli prime minister’s youngest son proudly shared pivotal achievements and cherished memories of his father, while emphasizing the importance his father placed on the continuity of the Jewish people.

Gilad Sharon (center), son of iconic general and prime minister Ariel Sharon, with Israel Bonds’ President
& CEO Israel Maimon (right), VP for Sales Stuart Garawitz (left), with Bonds’ New Leadership
representatives and leadership at Bonds headquarters in New York

As a close confidant and trusted advisor of the late prime minister for many years, Sharon chronicled his father’s life’s work in a biography entitled Sharon: The Life of a Leader, which expounded the many facets of Ariel Sharon’s military and political career spanning several decades. A prominent author and speaker holding a masters in economics, Sharon detailed how his father, as a young man wounded in combat in the IDF, was committed to safeguarding the lives of the Israeli people, and how pressing issues on diplomacy and governance remained top of mind for the venerated leader on throughout his career and ultimately in his final days. The group of young supporters of the Jewish state were especially keen on learning of ways the late prime minister handled critical decisions in the most challenging times of Israel’s history, many of which have influenced Israel’s essential development and have shaped the views of modern trailblazers executing strategies on foreign policy for the betterment of the Jewish nation.

Gilad Sharon (left), with Israel Bonds New Leadership Council Co-Chair Ethan Stein,
addresses New Leadership representatives at Bonds headquarters

Over 50 New Leadership members joined in the discussion, as did Bonds leadership including President & CEO Israel Maimon, who worked alongside Ariel Sharon, as the late prime minister appointed him government secretary in March 2003. Equally dedicated to the education and prosperity of future Jewish generations, Maimon shared a key takeaway from his experience with Sharon with the assembly, “Everything I learned, if you are a leader, what you think is best, you have to execute it.”

Photos: Shahar Azran