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Andrew M. Hutter, MD Named Israel Bonds’ National Chairman of the Board

Andrew M. Hutter, MD was elected Israel Bonds’ National Chairman of the Board, assuming the role on Feb. 28. He succeeds Howard L. Goldstein whose tenure at Israel Bonds spanned 40 years where he began in New Leadership.

For more than 20 years, Dr. Hutter has been a visionary leader with the Bonds organization, spearheading numerous committees. He has served on Israel Bonds’ national board of directors for 15 years, most recently as vice chairman and treasurer. His influence has been evident over the years in many areas but especially while serving as chairman of Israel Bond’s Mentorship Program. It is in this role that he was instrumental in developing the next generation of leaders, one of the most important areas of the Bonds’ enterprise since new leaders are those who help ensure the future of the organization and Israel.

Dr. Hutter was elected into the top board leadership role during a critical time for Israel Bonds and the State of Israel, continuing Goldstein’s impactful board leadership during a year in which Israel Bonds surpassed $2.7 billion in worldwide investments — a record-breaking total in the organization’s 73-year history and more than doubling its sales goals since the brutal October 7 Hamas attacks. At Israel’s darkest moment, Israel Bonds immediately jumped into action, securing $1 billion in investments during the first 30 days after the October 7 massacre. This historic groundswell of investments included purchases from more than 15 U.S. state and municipal governments and institutions.
“Israel Bonds is the most powerful and significant way to connect the Diaspora to the State of Israel and its people,” Dr. Hutter said. “Especially at a time like the present, anything positive we can communicate about Israel, and any step we can take to create connections to Israel, is essential. These ways in which we stand for Israel are equally as important as the financial support that Israel Bonds secures for the building and development of Israel’s economy.”
The organization’s Medical Division has thrived under Dr. Hutter’s leadership. As an orthopedic surgeon, he not only is highly regarded in his field, but he also offers a significant opportunity for medical professionals to come together in support of Israel. It is here that they network, share ideas, and hear from a variety of speakers on timely topics of the day.
“Dr. Hutter has played a crucial role in expanding the impact of Israel Bonds by spearheading creative initiatives, demonstrating his visionary leadership,” said Dani Naveh, President and CEO of Israel Bonds. “With the Medical Division, he has put us at the forefront of connecting Israel and the U.S. through the avenue of influential conversations in modern medicine. Through the Mentorship Program, he has cultivated our next generation of leaders. We are excited to see what new frontiers are ahead for Israel Bonds during his time as chairman.” Dani Naveh also shared, “At the same time, we have the utmost gratitude for Howard Goldstein, whose inspired leadership ensured that Israel Bonds rose up to meet challenges and seize opportunities at a series of defining moments — especially this past year.”
A graduate of Howard University College of Medicine, Dr. Hutter practices in New Jersey. His wife Barbara and their children are active with Israel Bonds as well. His son Jared and daughter-in-law Lindsey were honored with the Israel Bonds New Leadership L’Dor V’Dor award in 2023.
Israel Bonds is grateful for Howard L. Goldstein's fierce leadership over four decades and looks forward to Dr. Hutter’s visionary leadership at this important time in the organization’s long history of supporting Israel.