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Israel Bonds President and CEO Israel Maimon Speaks to 'The Algemeiner' on Increased Goal for Bond Sales, Adjusting High Holiday Appeals in Response to Pandemic

In an interview with The Algemeiner on June 16, Israel Bonds President and CEO Israel Maimon expressed how committed the organization is to achieving its $1.5 billion U.S. goal for Israel bond sales for the year, and is on track to accomplish this effort to assist the Jewish state in rebuilding its economy in light of the coronavirus pandemic. The goal was accepted by Israel’s Finance Ministry, and as Maimon described, “We are working full speed ahead, literally from morning to night, in order to secure the additional capital that is needed.”

In addition, as Israel Bonds holds appeals during the High Holidays, Maimon recognized the difficulty in reaching many congregants due to the restrictions of COVID-19 and the financial strain of synagogues, yet remained positive, noting the organization’s ability to adapt to the new environment, and suggested possibilities of holding appeals through events remotely.  His confidence perseveres, as he stated, “We are in a good place after six months,” continuing, “I’m very encouraged, because we are able to see the strength.”

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