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Israel Bonds President & CEO Highlights Israel’s Economy

In a new blog highlighting the strength and resilience of Israel’s economy, Israel Bonds President & CEO Israel Maimon noted that Maryland recently became the latest state prohibiting business with companies supporting the Boycott/Divestment/Sanction (BDS) movement. Nearly half of all U.S. states have now passed legislation or signed executive orders with the same objective.

Israel Bonds President & CEO Israel Maimon calls Israel's economy
"among the best in the world" (Photo: Shahar Azran)

In commenting on Maryland’s action, Maimon observed, “This marks another setback for BDS advocates who have been trying – and failing – to harm Israel economically.  Quite the opposite – Israel’s economy is widely recognized as ranking among the best in the world.”
The complete blog, which contains updates and information on Israel’s economic achievements, can be accessed here.