Corporate FAQs

Israel benefits from "an active diaspora bond program . . . in the event of market disruption." - Fitch Ratings Agency,* November 2017

What is Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds?

Development Corporation for Israel, established in 1951 and commonly known as Israel Bonds, is a FINRA-member broker dealer and underwriter for securities - Israel bonds - issued by the State of Israel in the United States. For the past five years, annual U.S. sales have exceeded $1 billion. Prior to 2011, annual U.S. sales averaged approximately $600 million. Worldwide sales since the first Israel bonds were issued in 1951 have exceeded $40 billion.

What does the Bonds organization mean to Israel?
Are Israel bonds reliable investments?
Who invests in Israel bonds?
How valuable is the Israel Bonds client base?
Why are Israel Bonds institutional investors significant?
How strong is Israel’s economy, given the fact that the global economy continues to be unstable?
How have Israel bond sales impacted Israel’s development?
Are Israel bonds necessary under normal economic conditions?
Are Israel bonds bought in large numbers only when Israel faces a crisis?
If there were a crisis, could Israel turn to capital markets?
Can Israel rely on commercial bank financing in times of economic or security challenges?
What about economic assistance from the United States?
Who comprises Israel Bonds’ human capital?
If Israel Bonds did not exist, could Israel quickly create a similar capital-raising operation in the U.S. during a national emergency?
Could another brokerage firm secure capital as effectively as the Bonds organization?
Does Israel Bonds have a business continuity plan?
Is the Bonds organization cost-effective?
What message does an Israel bond investment send to BDS (Boycott/Divest/Sanction) advocates?