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"Investing in Israel is the most tangible thing that I feel that I can do to support the Jewish State outside of making aliyah. I am proud to invest, honored to volunteer with Israel Bonds New Leadership Division, and I gladly make my annual alumni giving to my alma mater in the form of Israel bonds."

"In 2015, my son Mendy decided to put his words into action by making Aliyah and joining the Israeli Army as a lone soldier. Mendy’s brave decision transformed our family; it awakened within us what I believe is the intrinsic sense of belonging to the holy land that is within all of us."

"Our connection to Israel was felt right away as soon as our plane landed.  When we saw the “Welcome to Israel” sign in both Hebrew and English at Ben-Gurion Airport, we immediately felt at home. We were overcome with emotion and that set the tone for the entire, incredible trip."

"Tremendously proud and inspired by my son who is fulfilling his dream to serve, protect, and strengthen our homeland.  He is a courageous warrior – following his heart with unbridled purpose, enthusiasm, and chutzpah. He is my unbreakable bond with Israel."

"My bond with Israel is my little brother, Jacob. He recently made aliyah to join the IDF as a lone soldier. The commitment of my family to service in Israel, and making aliyah, makes Israel a much more meaningful, and important, part of my life. He is my personal bond, my connection with Israel. I’m very proud of my brother, and excited for his future."

"This actually happened the day after the staff delegation.  I attended a Masorti Kabbalat Shabbat service at Namal Tel Aviv (the Port of Tel Aviv) the evening after the delegation ended. It demonstrated that my 'bond' to Israel is that the State of Israel is the homeland of ALL of the Jewish people."

"Israel is an amazing country with beautiful people doing incredible things. Israel is a country full of paradoxes and yet one can enjoy the ancient and the modern at the same time.  As an investor in Israel bonds, I am so proud of what my investment does for so many people of the land."