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From the President & CEO



By Israel Maimon

Shalom, and greetings to all of you - the devoted supporters of Israel Bonds. Thanks to you, Israel has received resources necessary to help build every sector of its economy, resulting in a dynamic, widely-admired nation.
As the former Israeli cabinet secretary, I am familiar with the Bonds organization and its legacy of success. I have worked with two prime ministers, Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert, as well as one president, Shimon Peres. During that time, I also worked with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was then minister of finance. These leaders were unanimous in their praise of the Bonds enterprise. 
Because this is my first communication as president & CEO, I would like to share some of my background.

I was honored to have served in the IDF as a commander in the Golani Brigade, and I am an attorney by profession. Beyond my government experience, I was an external director at Cal-Israel Credit Cards Ltd., a corporation providing all credit card activities, including granting private and commercial credit. Also, I was an external director at Fox-Wiesel Ltd., a public company in the fashion and home-styling field. Additionally, I was a director for Matzlawi Construction Company Ltd., an Israeli real estate and construction company.
For several years I was chairman of the Israel Presidential Conference Steering Committee for the annual international conference Facing Tomorrow, held under the auspices of then-President Shimon Peres.
In coming to Israel Bonds, I begin a new phase of my service to Israel.  I do so with a sense of anticipation and enthusiasm. Izzy Tapoohi has handed me an organization that has reached new heights in terms of sales and outreach, and I look forward to building on his accomplishments.
Finally, I wish to thank you for your loyalty to date.  Through your investments, you have helped make great things possible. Together, we will realize ever-greater achievements for Israel Bonds and the State of Israel.