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National Women's Division

Shira Lewis 

Michelle Klahr 
National Women's Division Director

Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds
641 Lexington Avenue, 9th floor
New York, NY 10022
866-966-7348 (866-WOMSDIV)

Honor Pin

From the time the Israelites crossed into the Promised Land to today’s modern State of Israel, women have played a continuous and essential role in defining the destiny of the Jewish homeland. The new Women’s Division honor pin – an imaginative interpretation of Medinat Yisrael - pays tribute to the legacy and leadership of Jewish women. 

Created by artist Roni Artzi, the pin is a symbolic means for supporters of the Women’s Division to proudly demonstrate their connection to Israel through investments in Israel bonds. The design marks the return of the classic Women’s Division honor pin, updated with a contemporary look of black and silver. 
Artzi envisioned the pin as reflecting a three-year commitment. For each year a woman invests in Israel bonds, she will receive either a pearl or a diamond (based on investment level) to be placed into her pin.


National Women’s Division celebrates the Prime Minister’s Circle members and appreciates their significant investments through a new pin. The design of the pin, created by Lester Lampert (right), symbolizes the ongoing efforts of women who support Israel’s growth and economy through investment in Israel bonds.

The exclusive Prime Minister’s Circle Pin is available with a minimum $25,000 Israel bond investment. For every year thereafter, with an additional investment of $25,000 or more, a diamond can be added to the existing pin.


  • The pin is 14K gold
  • The centerpiece features the Israel Bonds logo, consisting of a white gold menorah set with diamonds (0.13 carats)
  • The pin represents Israel’s yasmin flower, symbolizing the nation's flourishing economy 
  • The stylized flower is made up of yellow gold beaded ovals
  • The pin can be embellished with an additional full-cut diamond of 0.10 carats when an investment in this category is made on an annual basis
  • The pin can also be worn as a pendant on a necklace
  • Price is $1,080

CONTACT: · 866.966.7348 for terms and conditions of pin order